Building Connections: Exploring what works

Front page of the report. The text reads 'Building connections - exploring what works' and their is an image of seven younger and older people standing together and smiling at the camera.

The Cares Family, 2023

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To better understand the difference their work makes, The Cares Family spent time with their colleagues exploring in detail what it is their teams do every day in London, Manchester and Liverpool that allows them to build meaningful connection with and between the older and younger people that are part of The Cares Family.

‘Building Connection: Exploring What Works’ is the result of that exploration. The report lays out ten techniques and approaches that bring to life the two key principles The Cares Family believe underpin meaningful connection: authenticity and reciprocity.

By carefully outlining the components that make up their work, they hope to help policymakers understand the skill, focus and intention needed to make meaningful connection as well as support the growing calls for investment in social connection through connecting institutions such as The Cares Family.

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