Locked down, looking out

The title, Locked down, looking out - young people embracing co-operative values to tackle lockdown challenges, published by Co-Op. Two young women in a garden, one giving other piggy back, both smiling

Co-op Foundation, 2021

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The Co-op Foundation’s report – Locked down, looking out report: How young people embraced co-operative values to tackle the challenges of lockdown – provides a unique insight into young people’s experiences of loneliness, and their actions to help themselves and others.

The research found:

  • Two thirds of young people (65%) say they are more likely to reach out to friends who they think need help, compared to the start of the pandemic
  • Almost half of young people (46%) have tried to make their social media more positive over the past 12 months
  • Almost three quarters of young people (73%) feel lonely at least occasionally
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