One small step

Front page of research. Title, One Small Step: let's create a kinder society for young people to thrive. September 2021

The Co-op Foundation, 2021

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This research from the Co-op Foundation explores the impact of loneliness on young people’s mental wellbeing, skills and sense of community.

The research shows:

  • Chronic youth loneliness (young people who are lonely often or always) has risen by 400,000 over the past year to 1.9m
  • Young people who have ever had free school meals are twice as likely to be chronically lonely compared to those who haven’t (20% compared to 10%)
  • 85% of chronically lonely young people say loneliness has negatively impacted on their mental wellbeing while 70% said it made them less able to perform well in school or work.
  • Half of all lonely young people (50%) say loneliness makes them less likely to want to help out in their local community
  • Three fifths of all young people who feel lonely (61%) say it’s made them want to help other lonely young people.
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